Subaru WRX vs The Drones

BMW M5 "Bullet"

Directed and shot by Marek Glaser, this viral ad was created using a combination of still photography and computer graphics.  The high performance art peice has received the following recognition:

CANNES LIONES – 2013 – Shortlist: Film

THE BESSIES – 2013 – Best of Show

WEBBY AWARDS – 2013 – Honoree: Branded Entertainment Short Form

ONE SHOW INTERACTIVE – 2013 – Silver Pencil: Animation/Motion Graphics

ONE SHOW INTERACTIVE – 2013 – Merit: Music Videos  

ONE SHOW – 2013 – Merit: Cinema Advertising - Long Form - :90 and Over - Single

FUBIZ AWARDS – 2013 – #4 Best Ad of the Year


CHANDON "After Party"

The Tango would be a very complicated dance to hand animate, so when it came to uncorking animated characters for Chandon, Marek hired professional dancers.  Once the choreography was nailed, motion capture recorded every move. That data was used by the animators as a reference for key-frame animation.  This gave the dancing characters authenticity without the eeriness you can get when you apply captured human motion directly to non human characters.  Using both techniques accomplished just the right anthropomorphic on screen harmony.

PONTIAC G8 "Spy Hunter"

Marek Glaser's take on Spy Hunter.  An homage to the classic 1983 Bally Midway arcade game, “Spy Hunter” opens with the vintage graphics and addictive theme music that captivated arcade fans over two decades ago. In the words of the Pontiac client: "The dealers loved it.  There you have it. And I'm sure you guys know that getting dealers to love the national work or a spot that doesn't have a ton of features and a big ol' lease deal is no small feat."


‎3 energetic spots full of go-kart handling. This campaign of three 15 second spots was designed to be produced for a modest budget. Most of the labor would have gone into animating the vehicles, but the in this case they were driven in the DriveATron driving simulator. An experienced driver performs the driving behind an actual steering wheel and the action is recorded in real-time. The result is a series of impactful commercials that ramp up quality while driving down cost.

GMC TERRAIN "And it Fits"

Touch Screen Navigation. Independent DVD Screens. Multi-Flex Seating. Rear-View Camera. All of these specifications and more are beautifully captured and conveyed in a all-CG campaign for the GMC Terrain via Leo Burnett Detroit. Directed by Marek Glaser, the 3 spot campaign is set against a drawing-board cityscape, the spot plays like a blueprint come to life.

CHEVROLET SILVERADO "Through the Decades"

90 years of Chevy pickup trucks in 30 seconds. Directed by Glaser for the launch website for the 2007 Chevy Silverado, this film explores Chevy pickups through the decades in a single fluid camera move. Each transformation from one truck to another was inspired by the manufacturing techniques of each period such as sheet metal stamping and robotic assembly. We had the various historical vehicles digitized into 3D models at a museum, making sure to create authentic digital replicas. The environment is photography based, captured by Glaser on location in Utah.


When MINI launched its two-seater model it showed it off topless in this cheeky interactive peep show ad.

Pedestrians would text a number to open the curtain revealing something racy inside.


Marek Glaser's commercial directing debut, this spot uses CG to get creative and maximize production value. Everything but the closing shot of this spot is CG. Everyone hopefully knows that clothes can't fly like this but most people wouldn't realize that the aerial photography and all the other background shots except for the beach at the end are created in the computer.


Marek's take on Hot Wheels. "Mine” showcases an engineering feat of a playground, full of high-speed twists and turns in the form of a life-size Hot Wheels track constructed inside a blimp hangar. "Your new friends at Leo B in the D will always have a lot of love for you and your team for taking these two concepts and helping us make them better than we could have ever imagined. (We always thought spy hunter had potential, but looking back at the board we gave you for "Mine" and what it became - holy crap!)" -Jeff Cruz, Sr VP & Group Creative Director - Pontiac